• planting seeds for

     community and creativity.

  • Imagine the transformative power of the arts merged with

    mindfulness and community action.


    At Green Seed Arts, we focus on creative expression, community placemaking, and nature connection as pathways to a healthier, happier future. We empower youth and intergenerational groups to collaborate as change-makers, using art to explore issues and envision solutions for people and planet.


    Why? Because we believe that by putting our hearts, heads, and hands together, we can change the world.

  • How does it work? 

    Empower people to speak their truth, sharing their ideas and feelings about our collective future.

    Create collaborative artworks and experiences that enrich our lives and demonstrate the power of working together.

    Educate about ways we can work together to help regenerate the planet and build thriving communities.

  • Mission

    We offer creative group projects and processes that support people's participation in the global movement for change.


    Let the beauty we love be what we do.

    There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.



  • How We Do It

    Murals & Public Artmaking

    We facilitate public art experiences that provide fertile ground for envisioning and organizing around local and global solutions. Our projects are designed to strengthen communities and affirm the value of human multiplicity, not only for participants, but for anyone who encounters our art pieces into the future. Working together we create not only beautiful, meaningful art, but also a narrative of resilience as we reclaim our public spaces.

    Workshops & Residencies

    We offer dynamic group processes that create a space of deep sharing and connection, building hope and resilience in this challenging time on Earth. All our courses are art-oriented and include elements of deep ecology and mindfulness. We love introducing people to practices and resources that support them in co-creating a happier, healthier future for all. We work with all ages in diverse settings.

    Outreach & Events

    We happily partner with other organizations to enhance their events with art. We're especially interested in adding outlets for creative expression at activist rallies, fundraisers, conventions, and other community building events around Earth stewardship or social justice. Our lovely mobile studio enriches festivals, parties, and team building events with meaningful opportunities for self expression, quiet reflection, and simple creative fun. 

  • Contact Us

    Drop us a line! We love hearing from you. Please contact us to connect about the intersections of art, community, and ecology.

  • Who We Are

    meet our team


    Sage Lampros

    Co-Founding Director

    As an alternative educator, curriculum designer, and artist, Sage is an advocate for social and environmental change. She is a student of mindfulness, permaculture, grassroots activism, and the arts. Whether in the classroom, garden, community, or wilderness, she strives to inspire, empower, and support others to live open-heartedly and tread lightly on the Earth. Sage is also the co-founder of Wisdom Way, an arts-based mindfulness program for children and families in Santa Cruz, CA.


    Shereen Choudhury

    Co-Founder and Mural Specialist

    Shereen Choudhury is a multi-passionate artist, educator, and activist living in Los Angeles, CA. She believes that the arts are a powerful pathway to promote social justice, mindfulness, and healing amongst individuals and communities. Shereen thrives when creating spaces for people to connect with the natural world, share their authentic voice, and engage with their innate curiosity.

    She earned her Masters in Education from the University of Southern California, and her undergraduate degree in Art from Smith College. She is credentialed to teach K-12 Visual Arts and Elementary Education and has been a teacher and mentor for the past 8 years.

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